Live in Fukushima. Live with the World.
We has a strong conviction that the citizens’ voices will turn into actions and that the actions will lead Fukushima into a new era.

Live in Fukushima. Live with the World.
Grass-roots Voices from Fukushima to the World!

After the Eastern Japan Earthquake on March 11,

 lives of citizens from Fukushima have drastically changed. Six months have passed and the Fukushima citizens are determined to move forward. Having said that, their voices might not have fully heard and they would also need help along the way. There have not been many opportunities to listen and collect their feedback and subsequently share it with people around Japan and abroad.

Turning Voices into Actions

 Feeling assured that their voices will be heard is an effective way to empower the Fukushima citizens to have the courage to take on challenges ahead. The “Fukushima Conference 2011” serves as to be an open and interactive platform where people in Fukushima will discuss and be heard about what they want and need. It is a place to discuss the past and the future of Fukushima with opinion leaders across Japan and from around the world. By bringing together the wisdom of those, the Conference will respond to questions or doubts of people who are currently facing up to challenges of reconstruction while being confronted with the Fukushima reactor situations. For such purposes, Fukushima Conference 2011 has been decided to be held in Fukushima to find hope for the future, to implement all possible ideas, and to bring voices of Fukushima to the world. Fukushima Conference 2011 Committee has a strong conviction that the citizens’ voices will turn into actions and that the actions will lead Fukushima into a new era.

Fukushima Conference 2011

Date Friday, November 11 through Sunday, November 13, 2011
Fukushima University
(1 Kanayagawa, Fukushima-City, Fukushima)
Various locations in Fukushima.
(Details will be announced on the website)
Host People in Fukushima
Support Fukushima Conference 2011 Committee [Co-chairs]
-Shuji Shimizu(Vice President of Fukushima University)、 -Norio Akasaka(Professor of Gakushuin University)、 -Sokyu Genyu(Writer, Chief Priest of Fukujuji)、 -Mitsuo YAMAKAWA(the director of Fukushima Future Center for Regional Restoration)、 -Yumiko ENDO(chief of Okuaizu Shobo)、 -Mikako TAKAHASHI(president of Hokuyosha)
Admission No participate fee
*Both individuals and organizations will be welcome to register. Details will be announced on the website.
MAIN SESSION “The Voices of FUKUSHIMA”(Gather people from all over Fukushima and share and discuss their experiences, issues and needs with opinion leaders from within and outside of Fukushima.)
YOUTH SESSION and WORKING SESSIONS (“Lead the Way for the Future” (Future for children, “Our Life and Children’s Future” “Facing radiation,” “Energy and employment” and “Grass-roots voices from people’s activities.”)
"Regional Commission" The participants go back to throughout each area in the prefecture. "Regional Commission". Currently scheduled in Aizu, Iwaki, Fukushima, Minamisoma.

*Details will be announced on the website.

We will encourage people to learn about and participate in the Forum.